49ers Museum

C7A designed the exhibits for the new San Francisco 49ers Museum to celebrate the outstanding achievements and legacy of this important NFL dynasty. Visitors will be immersed in the rich history, moments, sights and sounds of the team that has won five Super Bowls. Located in the new 49ers Stadium in Santa Clara, California, the 49ers Museum will take visitors on a dynamic interactive journey. Visitors can wander among life-sized statues of honored members and use interactive kiosks to read stats and biographies of the great 49ers players, including Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and Joe Montana. As they continue through the Team Gallery and Bill Walsh's Office, they encounter the Heritage Gallery spiral, which features a timeline of brilliant 49ers moments through the decades. From the Heritage Gallery, visitors experience the excitement of being “In the Game” as they simulate passing, receiving, blocking and practice their agility as part of a virtual football game. Finally the visitor journey culminates with the “Parades” gallery, which includes their five Lombardi Super Bowl trophies and celebrates the city the team calls home, San Francisco.

Conceived From “The Catch”

American Builders Quarterly

For the new San Francisco 49ers Museum and Hall of Fame, Cambridge Seven Associates drew inspiration from a hallmark moment in the team’s history to craft a tech-laden space that will tell old stories in modern, innovative ways By Christopher …

Big plans for 49ers Hall of Fame

Comcast SportsNet

In the late-1970s, the top football man of the San Francisco 49ers made a decision that would impact the organization for the rest of time. Joe Thomas, the 49ers’ general manager for two seasons, decided history did not matter. Vowing …

New Stadium to Feature 49ers Hall of Fame

49ers Public Relations

Less than three weeks ago, the 49ers broke ground on the new Santa Clara Stadium. As part of that great celebration, players, fans and alumni gathered to honor the legacy of the franchise. Soon fans will be able to share …

Edward Strine helping to get it started.

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