Carolina SciQuarium Exhibits

The Greensboro Science Center's new Carlolina SciQuarium exhibits designed by Cambridge Seven include six major aquarium habitats highlighting aquatic life in various settings. North Carolina's first inland aquarium contains a 90,000 gallon ocean tank featuring sharks, a stingray touch tank, a penguin exhibit, a new otter exhibit, an Amazon rainforest habitat, and an exhibit about endangered fishing cats. SciPod education stations contain focus tanks for support species related to the feature habitats. Interpretive and interactive exhibits associated with each of the habitats as well as dramatic new aquarium entry and exit experiences add to the visitor experience.

SciQuarium boasts unlikely resident – the Asian Fishing Cat

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Have you ever had an idea that you thought was ingenious but no one else liked it? How about working with a team or committee and interjecting a concept that gets rejected and laughed at? You know, the proverbial “cheese …

SciQuarium gets 100,000th visitor

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GREENSBORO — Animals and science rule. So says Glenn Dobrogosz about the Carolina SciQuarium’s 100,000th visitor in 45 days, which happened Wednesday. “In a dream scenario, we were thinking 50,000 people (by this time). We doubled it,” said Dobrogosz, executive …

Artist and craftsman put special touches on SciQuarium

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When you visit the Greensboro Science Center, you will undoubtedly see some of our planet’s most amazing treasures. You can gaze at rare minerals created miles below the Earth’s surface. Our collection holds precious artifacts from deep and distant oceans …

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