“Blacktip Reef” Exhibit

Designed by C7A, the National Aquarium opened in 1981 and contributed to the rejuvenation of the Baltimore Harbor. Cambridge Seven was asked to renovate the former ray tray to create a new Great Barrier Reef habitat featuring sharks and rays as well as a new introductory gallery focused on how water connects us. Interactive exhibits allow visitors to add messages and participate in the conversation about human’s connection to water. Visitors are treated to a breathtaking panorama of color, light and movement as they enter "Blacktip Reef," a vibrant coral-filled stretch of the Great Barrier Reef where sharks speed toward them and schools of bluefin trevally and blue-striped seaperch dart out of the way. They can also witness the rise and fall of a 5-foot-wide whiptail ray’s fins as they swim through the tank.

National Aquarium’s Blacktip Reef Thrives in Its First Six Months

NEAQ Press Release

Since opening six months ago, the National Aquarium’s $12.5 million Blacktip Reef exhibit is not only boosting attendance at the popular Baltimore attraction, but also its reputation as a leading conservation-focused organization. Since opening six months ago, the National Aquarium’s …

National Aquarium Unveils World’s Largest Reproduction of Indo-Pacific Coral Reef

National Geographic

This month, the National Aquarium in Baltimore opened a new permanent exhibit, Blacktip Reef. Based on the Indo-Pacific reefs found across a large swath of oceans, the exhibit is the largest of its kind in the world. Ocean Views spoke …

In National Aquarium’s Blacktip Reef exhibit, sharks swirl in a delicate underwater Gotham

Washington Post

The 20 slick, mouse-gray blacktip reef sharks zipping through the waters at the National Aquarium look nothing like the bloodthirsty beasts of “Sharknado.” Two years old and only slightly longer than two feet, they’re toddlers — not much bigger than …

Deep Dive

Architectural Lighting Magazine

Major renovations at the New England Aquarium in Boston and National Aquarium in Baltimore creatively illuminate the depths of ocean life for visitors, while being mindful of the habitat needs of the animals. Decades ago, Cambridge, Mass.–based Cambridge Seven Associates …

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