Charles Redmon, FAIA

Principal Emeritus

Chuck Redmon, architect and urban designer, brings a command of site context to the design overview of our projects at Cambridge Seven. With an intuitive grasp of large-scale architectural issues, a gift for drawing, and the ability to give shape quickly to complex ideas, he has played a major role in the conceptual development of many projects at C7A. Nationally, Mr. Redmon was the winner of the AIA's Kemper Award for service to the profession and community. He was awarded the 2002 Boston Society of Architects Honor Award, the BSA's highest award recognizing individuals who have made profound and significant contributions to the professional community. Mr. Redmon is a graduate of Rice University, and he continues to be very active in the Boston region regarding local issues around transportation, growth and urban design, and design education. He retired from C7A in 2014.